Since 1916, Temmentec has been manufacturing Swiss cosmetics in Sumiswald, which is located in the heart of Switzerland and in the centre of the Emmental, home to the world-famous Swiss cheese that is named after the Emmental. In this part of the country quality, reliability, punctuality and precision have a long-standing tradition. With these values, highly trained specialists and centuries of experience, Temmentec is able to guarantee premium Swiss quality in all of its processing steps for its Swiss cosmetics . All of the internally developed compounds are inspired by Swiss values.

Swiss cosmetics: The label Swissness

As Temmentec's entire production of Swiss cosmetics takes place in Switzerland, its clients have the possibility of adding the label "Swiss Made" to the cosmetics that Temmentec manufactures for them. As a result, they will benefit from the outstanding worldwide reputation of Swiss cosmetics quality. (Source: Zehnvier; Swissnessmonitor 2007)

Swissness continues to be an important trend. For the majority of consumers Swiss products embody exclusivity. 68% of consumers are willing to pay more for Swiss products such as Swiss cosmetics. By highlighting the Swiss origin of its cosmetics Temmentec conveys top quality, durability and excellent craftsmanship to its consumers, along with the feeling that they have chosen the right brand and a unique design for their innovative cosmetics.

Furthermore, with the help of a Swissness positioning the promised benefits of prestige and exclusivity can be reinforced.

A brand's Swiss origin can provide a rational and an emotional reason to believe its benefits, and the majority of consumers are willing to pay more for Swiss cosmetics.


For more than 100 years, Temmentec has supplied satisfied and loyal customers throughout the world with high-quality Swiss cosmetics from the company’s location in Sumiswald. Temmentec's origins date back to 1916, when the Swiss chemist Paul Müller founded the Paul Müller AG in Sumiswald. Throughout the decades, the company has gained a great deal of experience in product development, formulation, production and packaging of Swiss cosmetics. Tradition plays an important role for Temmentec's customers. A company’s age is an indicator for its performance. Nothing can replace experience. The professionally competent education of the employees, which is strengthened and reinforced by the company's experience, is a prerequisite for the excellent quality of Temmentec's development and production of Swiss cosmetics. It is not without reason that one speaks of a "wealth of experience." Thanks to Temmentec's rich wealth of experience, it is able able to optimally advise its customers based on their needs and to provide them with a high-quality, competent service in the Swiss cosmetics field.