Innovative skincare : our scientific committee

Temmentec is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in the field of the innovative skincare with regards to ingredients and formulations. It has therefore founded a Scientific Committee (CS). The CS is made up of experienced specialists in dermatology, formulation, marketing and basic dermatological research. With the help of its international contacts, it recognises and identifies the most important trends and developments in the field of dermatology and innovative skincare. The CS uses this knowledge to develop extraordinary cosmetic innovations in Temmentec's in-house laboratories. Our R&D team is on the look-out for new cosmetic trends.

Innovative skincare : leading the innovation

Precious and innovative solutions for innovative skincare

Natural human biological processes, the richness of nature and a species' ability to adapt, are a source of inspiration for Temmentec ’s innovative skincare products. They enable it to identify new active compounds. Temmentec's competence to understand the intelligence of nature and how it functions helps to develop innovative skincare solutions that are as close to human nature as possible, by offering precious and rare products.

Unique innovative compounds

As it is subjected to pollution, temperature variations, microorganisms, stress, hormonal changes, as well food intake and disease, our skin is an important interface between the environment and our body's inner biological systems. Our responsiveness to these changes is unique and varies depending on age, gender, the environment, -or even one's personality. By acknowledging that every individual is unique, Temmentec is able to offer innovative skincare compounds adapted to modern life, whilst respecting each and everyone's individuality.

Innovative skincare : Scientific product development

In collaboration with Swiss and European laboratories, Temmentec identifies advanced active ingredients that are available as developed formulations or tailored solutions, thanks to the expertise of its Development Department for its innovative skincare products. Temmentec adapts its formulations to customer needs and develops “intelligent” biological active compounds that respond to the skin's needs and its natural fluctuations.

Innovative skincare : Consulting in product development and scientific communication

Temmentec offers the possibility to define an innovative skincare product idea and its concept based on the client's innovation philosophy. The Swiss cosmetics producer assists its partners in the scientific communication of their innovative skincare products to ensure the valorisation of its technology.