Innovative cosmetics: the definition of innovation in the cosmetics industry

Innovation stands for novelty, improvement or a new product feature. Through innovations, manufacturers demonstrate to their customers that they are on the cutting edge and that they keep their brands up-to-date and relevant. This what Temmentec applies for its innovative cosmectics.

Innovative cosmetics: the importance of innovation in the cosmetics industry

Studies show that the majority of consumers of cosmetics are very open to novelties and innovations. Both novelties and innovations give cosmetic manufacturers the opportunity to communicate their products to their customers and to offer an added value. That's the point of making innovative cosmectics for Temmentec.

Innovative cosmetics: trends

Here fater are 4 key trends that will strongly influence innovation in the cosmetics industry in the next decade :

  1. Human augmentation: The boundaries between human and technological devices are blurring as smart technology gives people greater control over their personal health and beauty needs.
  2. Water - the new luxury: Water is set to become a precious commodity as consumption outstrips supply.
  3. Power Play: Consumers are facing an energy crisis as the pace of modern life is catching up with them.
  4. Gastronomy:  As the saying goes, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” An interest in natural ingredients is on the rise as more people dare to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the process of creating beauty products.

Temmentec is considering those trends in the process of manufacture of its innovative cosmetics.

Reference: Mintel, 2015


Innovative cosmetics: examples of innovations

Here after are examples of innovations Temmentec is using to manufacture its innovative cosmectics.

Packaging innovation: New and functional packaging material (e.g. a self-heating tube for the application of face masks.)

Technological innovation: Adaptation of a new technology to use in your products (e.g. fragrance encapsulation for a long-lasting deodorant, gel-to-milk and switch emulsions, etc.)

Active ingredient innovation: A new active ingredient concept (e.g. echinacea extract combined with hyaluronic acid and coloured liquid crystals in a clear gel serum.)

Incremental innovation: The gradual improvement of your products in small steps by implementing new medical and biological insights.

Innovative cosmetics: trend scouting and the development by Temmentec

Temmentec´s innovation department is continuously in touch with global trend scouts and laboratories working for innovative cosmetics, in order to be aware of worldwide trends in the fields of beauty and dermatology. Temmentec´s development laboratory develops innovative cosmetics based on this information.