Temmentec is located in the Emmental region in the heart of Switzerland, immersed between hills and forests, where a deep respect for the environment and a conscious use of natural resources is part of the DNA. With our commitment to act in a sustainable and ethical way, we make an important contribution to a greener future worth living in.

Sustainability Report 2021

Certificate RSPO SCCS

Cosmetic contract manufacturer: Manufacturing

Thanks to Temmentec's modern infrastructure, it can offer cosmetic contract manufacturing on the highest standards of security, hygiene and sustainability as outlined in (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716), with which it is certified. Furthermore, the Swiss contract manufacturer is able to produce emulsions, liquid products and sticks in various types and sizes of packaging from 10 kg to 10 tons per batch size, and it is optimally equipped for the production, filling and the packaging of different kinds of samples.

Cosmetic contract manufacturer: Filling

As a cosmetic contract manufacturer, Temmentec provides filling and packaging services for a wide range of products in various types and sizes of packaging. Emulsions, liquid products, sticks or samples can be filled and packaged according to the customer's needs and specifications.

Cosmetic contract manufacturer: Quality

As a cosmetic contract manufacturer Temmentec guarantees the highest quality and it is (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716) certified. Due to its fully equipped in-house laboratory and its experienced team of scientific experts, the Swiss cosmetic contract manufacturer can carry out standard quality control tests to check the density, pH level, aspect ratios, chromatography (HPLC), spectroscopy (IR) and viscosity in its on-site laboratory. Temmentec also has the possibility of carrying out microbiological tests in Sumiswald.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716

Cosmetic contract manufacturer: Documentation

As a cosmetic contract manufacturer Temmentec designs product-specific studies, assembles portfolios and provides a wide range of related services based on the customer's marketing and technical needs.

Cosmetic contract manufacturer: Logistics

Temmentec has a high-capacity warehouse and a modern state-of-the-art access ramp for trucks. Its logistics experts can organize the transport of your products both nationally and internationally. The Swiss cosmetic contract manufacturer has a comprehensive knowledge of foreign trade and custom matters, and it is able to manage the custom formalities for deliveries abroad.